Zeon Zoysia

TifEagle exhibits all the traits golf superintendents need from a greens-quality hybrid bermuda grass. Released in 1998 by the Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment station in Tifton, Georgia, some 20 years after it introduced TifDwarf, TifEagles' leaf blades are extremely fine and erect. TifEagle maintains a density capable of repelling annual bluegrass, delivers excellent trueness for putting, and accepts overseeding well. It produces few seedheads and maintains its color throughout heat and longer into the fall.

•Several morphological characteristics give TifEagle its unique advantages:

•Excellent root system development and structure.

•Provides a high quality putting surfaces at cutting heights of .125" and lower.

•Rhizomatous rather than stoloniferious growth habit.

•Superior color under cool conditions.

•Tolerance to verticutting.

•Rapid regrowth from mechanical injury.