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Asia’s Largest Producer of Certified Turf Grasses

  • Low Maintenance Zoysia for Greens

    Fast Speeds, Drought Tolerant, Good Color, No Grain, Salt Tolerant

  • #1 Best Selling Zoysia Tees, Fairways & Roughs

    Low Inputs, Naturally Green, High Wear Tolerance, Shade Tolerant, Low Water Requirements, Weed Resistant

  • Tee to Green Zoysia

    Shade Tolerant, Salt Tolerant

  • #1 Bermuda Grass for Greens

    Good Ball Speed, Superior Color, Less Thatch Build Up

  • Strength, Rapid Recovery, Water Saving and Color

    Used for Sports Fields, Resort Landscape, Residential 


Sustainable Turf Farms studied various Zoysia grasses over a period of 10 years before hand selecting the best varieties most suited to the Asian Climate. 
These grasses are low input varieties that require up to 50% less water, mowing and fertilizer applications, and up to 90% less Insecticide, Fungicide and Herbicide applications. 
Each of our highly acclaimed Turf Farms, located in Thailand and Vietnam, are ITGAP (International Turf-Grass Assurance Program) Certified. This program ensures all farms are maintained to a certain level of quality, guaranteeing the buyer gets what he pays for. Each farm is inspected annually by an Authorized ITGAP Inspector and inspections are also done by the Breeder, Bladerunner Farms.
All grasses are produced from Foundation fields direct from the Breeders. Sustainable Turf Farms and Sports Turf Solutions also has a full team of leading Turf Managers and Agronomists to assist with every project from advice to grassing and grow-in contracting.