For nearly two decades, the Floratine Products Group has been a trailblazer in Southeast Asia, offering an unparalleled range of foliar fertilizers, biostimulants, soil-available nutrients, and wetting agents. What sets Floratine apart is not just their products, but their commitment to knowledge sharing. They host annual seminars, drawing over 500 turf managers worldwide, and fostering a spirit of learning and collaboration. This dedication to education and innovation is at the core of our mission.

The success of our turf farm business is mainly due to the use of Floratine's foliar biostimulant range. These products, enriched with seaweeds and other hormones, accelerate turf establishment, allowing us to turn over crops more quickly and complete projects ahead of schedule. This efficiency and effectiveness can be yours, too.

Over 300 golf course and sports stadium turf managers are utilizing various products from the Floratine range, tailored to different climate conditions throughout the year, specific site conditions, or preparation for special events. Floratine has provided turf managers with control over their turf during times of stress. For example, Protesyn, a foliar product that helps turf produce proteins (plant food), is used to combat shade and low-light conditions. In contrast, Perk Up, a calcium glucoheptonate product, manages heat stress. Several moisture retention and penetrant products also aid the turf manager with moisture management.

Sports Turf Solutions is not just a provider of products but a partner in your turf management journey. Our team has over 15 sales consultants who are experts in their field and ready to assist you with site-specific situations. We follow a comprehensive approach by gathering your information and conducting a three-dimensional soil analysis called Analync. This data is then evaluated and interpreted to provide a diagnosis, identify necessary cultural practices and unavailable nutrients, and prescribe an action plan. Once the plan is implemented, our sales consultants monitor the situation and make necessary program adjustments in collaboration, ensuring the best possible outcome for your turf.

If you're facing turf quality issues or need a second opinion through a scientific analysis, we're here to help. Contact us today and let's discuss how Floratine can assist you in achieving your turf management goals.