Why is Accredited Certification important for your Turf, and what does it really mean?

ITGAP is synonymous with quality. Under this program I know I'm sourcing certified stock that is being grown under stringent protocols by people who understand the challenges and nuances of working in certain conditions. The program is a great tool to maintain quality control on international projects

ITGAP was established to assure varietal purity and identity. Through a set of production protocols and guidelines, we can maintain the genetic and mechanical purity of specific turf grass varieties.

Is ITGAP a standard?
Yes. ITGAP certifies a proven process. It is a recommended set of proven and recognized guidelines to help ensure purity and quality against contamination.

Is there a fee associated with ITGAP?
Yes. Member growers pay an annual fee and require annual inspections as part of the program.

How will the industry benefit from ITGAP?
ITGAP promotes the genetic purity of turf grass and fights against piracy. The result is that golf course personnel get the turf grass and performance they expect.

At Sports Turf Solutions we pride ourselves on not just reaching but exceeding requirements and protocols set out by ITGAP. That's why we are the Largest Producer of Certified Turf in Asia